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XML Tidy XML Data Fixer This package is a platform-independent highly efficient XML Data validation and correction tool that can be used in many...
Size: Evaluation
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XML validation Package XML validation platform  
XML Tidy (XML Data Fixer)
Size: -
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ElegantJ Data Tables: Gain total control on data management The reliable ready-made ElegantJ Data Tables bean encompasses all the features a standard table should have ┬ľa simple data display table, database in a tabular form or a spreadsheet.
Size: 1433.6K
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Compare Database Table Synchronize Database Table  
Xml Control Center Transform multiple XSL-T files into XML files.
Size: 39.1K
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XML control source xsl transform transform xml XML Control  
CONTROL XML Image Viewer - Opens With CS4 , CS5- xml Options - size
Size: 95 KB
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CS5 icon Study Dreamweaver CS5 photoshop cs5 cs5  
XML Banner Rotator with Control Arrows Hight quality component, using XML file to load data's and configuration. Support any kind of pictures and unlimited number of pictures. Dinamic loading resurces giveing the best loading time. Very we
Size: 100.00 KB
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dinamic library loading progress loading HIGHT BITRATE  

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JeXML Control xml data with the help of this library.
Size: 13 KB
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control Java library development tool manipulate  
CCXI XML Data Island Library 2004.0 CCXI XML Data Island Library - ASP control, javascript displays data on the cilent side using XML data islands
Size: 132 KB
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asp javascript control xml data XML library XML-RPC library  
XML Converter Professional XML Converter is data conversion software(Excel to XML, mdb to XML, csv to XML)
Size: 3.8 MB
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XML signer sign XML XML XML to XLS XML file converter  
Teroid ASP Data Export Control Teroid ASP Data Export Control is an ASP .NET control allowing users to download data from an ADO .NET DataTable object in XML, CSV or HTML format.
Size: 113.28 KB
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.Net control DataTable Library DataTable library DataTable  
Teroid Data Grid View Export Control Teroid Data Grid View Export Control is a .NET Windows Forms control which exports the contents of a Data Grid View to a csv (comma separated values), XML or HTML file.
Size: 374.02 KB
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view data view slice data grid control control xml data  
Mini-XML Mini-XML is a small XML parsing library that you can use to read XML and XML-like data files
Size: 221 KB
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Reader Read XML signer sign XML XML write view XML  

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XML2Word This control lets you create a mailmerge system in your applications that is based on XML and MS Word. The only thing to do is generate an XML file from your data and create a template document with m...
Size: 21.14K
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mailmerge word to xml  
XML Converter (command-line interface) XML Converter is a data converting software lets the user to interactively create a data transformation. It allows you to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file. XML Converter is a m...
Size: 1.5 MB
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Converter convert XML create XML converting XML  
XML-Serializer for Mac XML-Serializer is a powerful XML-to-Java data-binding software tool. Adaptinet's XML-Serializer greatly simplifies binding native XML to and from Java objects. The XML-Serializer generates a Java obje...
Size: 8.93MB
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My CSV to XML Converter You control which data fields are elements or attributes and maintain control over element names and their position in the XML tree and their level in the hierarchy. Wizards are provided to guide the ...
Size: 310.90 KB
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control xml data text control Data Control Font  
Internet Information ActiveX DLL Internet Information ActiveX DLL is a control for providing internet information from a remote machine via an XML file. The XML file contains such useful information as ISP, IP Address, Country, Regio...
Size: 2.81MB
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XML Quik Builder XML Quik Builder dynamically generates GUI based on a W3C XML schema (XSD) for XML editing. The GUI processor can create, validate, and save XML data files for a given schema. It also compiles XSD to ...
Size: 3.22MB
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validate xml validate data save XML create xml data